McIntyre Farm, Lislea

McIntyre Farm, Lislea
Farm vacant in 1998

About Lawrence McIntyre and Mary Ginty

About Lawrence McIntyre and Mary Ginty

Lawrence McIntyre was baptized (and possibly born) on August 12, 1854 in Lislea, Kilmacteige Parish, County Sligo, Ireland. His parents are listed as Michael McIntyre and Mary McIntyre on his baptismal record. No other information about his parents is known with the exception of a possible nephew or cousin, Patrick McIntyre, who came to the U.S in 1863.

Lawrence's wife, Mary Ginty, was born September 3, 1850 in Carrowbeg, Killasser, County Mayo, Ireland. Her parents are John Ginty and Margaret Convey(Conway). In addition to their daughter Mary, they had three other children: Margaret (Bridget), Catherine and Patrick.

Lawrence and Mary were married in Killasser on March 1, 1877 and resided in Lislea where they raised their family. They had six known children, all born in Ireland. Thomas Joseph (1878-1939); Catherine (1879-c1915); Mary (1881-1927); Bridget (1881-c1945); Lawrence J. (1890-1943); and John (c1892-?). Lawrence and Mary died in Ireland in the early 1930s.

The descendents of Patrick McIntyre (c1831-1901), mentioned above, and his wife Bridget Stevens (c1833-1908) are also represented on this McIntyre-Ginty Blog. Patrick's farm in Lislea, County Sligo, was to the right of the house in the photo at the top of this page. A separate blog has also been created for Patrick and Bridget and may be viewed at

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Patrick McIntyre Farm in Lislea, County Sligo

Patrick McIntyre, believed nephew of Michael McIntyre, is listed in the Griffith's Valuation living on a parcel of land which is adjacent to the land that Michael McIntyre lived on and eventually owned.  In an earlier post, it is noted that Patrick McIntyre left the property sometime around 1863.

This video was taken in the summer of 2011 of the property Patrick McIntyre occupied prior to 1863 in Lislea.

Friday, January 6, 2012

McEntire occupiers in Lislea c1858 & 1863

Richard Griffith undertook the Primary Valuation of Ireland in the mid-1800s.  This valuation, which is commonly referred to as Griffith's Valuation, is a unified, country-wide valuation of land and property taken as a result of the Tenement Valuation Act of 1846.  For each county, a "snapshot" was published at a specific point in time between 1848 and 1864, with the date for each county dependent upon the year in which that county was surveyed. (1)

The County Sligo survey was completed on July 7, 1858. (2)  The following is a reproduction of the page which shows the Townland of Lislea, Barony of Leyny, Civil Parish of Kilmacteige, Poor Law Union (Registrar's District (RD)) of Tobercurry, Electoral Division (ED) of Aclare.  Note the occupiers of parcels 7 & 8 are Michael and Patrick McEntire, respectively.

Griffith's Valuation, 1858 -- Click on image to enlarge

Once a tenement's valuation was set, provision was made for an annual revision of the assessment according to Section XXX of the 1846 Act. To carry out the annual revision of a tenement: "... that within Ten Days after the First day of February in each Year after any such Valuation shall be completed and in operation every Collector of Poor Rates within each Poor Law Union ... shall make out and lay before the Board of Guardians ... a list of all the Tenements or Hereditaments* situate within every Townland in the said Union which shall require Revision... ." (3)

The tax collector was expected to include on the list the change of an occupier's name, for example, because of death, migration, emigration, or a change of rate-payer, for example, from father to son or widow to son.  The lessor from whom a holding was rented required a name change when the holding was sold or leased to a new landlord.  When part of a farm was consolidated with another farm, the collector was expected to inform the Board of Guardians; similarly, when a farm was divided, he recorded a need for change on the list. (4)

Below, the Valuation Revision List (5) for Lislea for the years 1859-1863 shows the name Michael McEntire (father of Lawrence McIntyre) with reference #7 and Patrick McEntire with reference #8.  These Revision Lists were later called Cancellation Books, as they were "cancelled" once the next valuation book was started.

The references 7 & 8 as listed in the Valuation Revision list are the same two pieces of property listed in the above original 1858 printed Griffith's Valuation.

Note on the following Valuation Revision sheet Patrick McEntire's entry has a red line through it.  At the end of the line it reads "Fee down, 63."  The 63 refers to 1863 the year the line was drawn through the entry, i.e., Patrick was no longer the occupier.  "Fee down" appears to mean the parcel of land in question does not have an individual who is entitled to inherit the lease. The leases at this time were often written to include "three lives" and were therefore good until the youngest of the three named men gave up the lease and/or died.  

Click on image to enlarge
The fact that Patrick's name is struck on this Valuation Sheet, further supports additional information we have that Patrick and his family emigrated from Ireland to the US in 1863.

The immediate lessor at this time was William Ormsby Gore. In the next Revision list it shows that Arthur O'Hara, Michael O'Hara, Denis O'Hara and John Farrell were the occupiers of parcel #8 and were leasing from William Orsmby Gore.  Note that these four individuals are also noted in parcels 5 & 6 in the above Valuation Revision List as well as Griffith's Valuation of 1858.

The question that remains, were Michael McEntire and Patrick McEntire brothers or cousins?

*Any property that can be inherited.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bridget McIntyre, Birth Registration 1881

Bridget McIntyre, daughter of Larry McIntyre and Mary Ginty, was born on August 1, 1881.  She was the twin sister of Mary McIntyre.  She was born in Lislea on the family farm.

Source: Ireland, Civil Registration Office

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bridget McIntyre - Patrick Haran Marriage Registration

Bridget McIntyre, daughter of Lawrence McIntyre and Mary Ginty, married Patrick Haran of Kincullew, son of James Haran.  Patrick was a laborer and his father was a farmer when Patrick and Bridget married on September 3, 1911.  Neither had been married previously.  They were married in the chapel at Toulestrane (St. Attracta Church) in the registration district of Aclare, union of Tubbercurry, County Sligo.  Bridget would have been about 30 years old when she married.

They were married by Fr. John O'Dowd.  Witnesses were John McIntyre (believed to be the brother of Bridget) and Kate Walsh.

Source: Ireland, Civil Registration Office

Mary McIntyre - Birth Registration

Mary McIntyre (Egan) was born on August 1, 1881 in Lislea, County Sligo.  Her parents are noted on the birth registration below as Larry McIntyre and Mary McIntyre, nee Ginty.  Mary Ginty McIntyre registered the birth on the 6th of September 1881 in the district of Aclare, union of Tobercurry, County Sligo.

I was able to get a copy of the birth registration when I was in Dublin in July, 2011.

Source: Ireland, Civil Registration Office